About Me Self Portrait

Objective- Students will use the skills of observation drawing, sketching, shading, and proper use of color developed in the first semester to illustrate a "Self Portrait" of objects that represent themselves.

Required Media
    Pencil and Colored Pencil
Optional Media
    Oil Pastel
Grading Rubric
    Drawing Skill-
        Are objects drawn accurately?
        Did you vary the size of the objects?
    Filling The Space Effectively
    Media- Pencil, Colored Pencil, and Oil Pastel
        Does your project have contrast (light, medium, and dark values?)
        Did you layer the color pencils?
        Are the values and colors blended well? 
    Effort and Craftsmanship
    Presentation during Exam- (Presentation Requirements)

Procedure- Students may do this in a variety of ways...

Option #1

Students fill paper with images/objects that represent themselves.
Students draw shapes and add color and shading to the areas of the drawing that fall into those shapes. 
The rest of the images will remain line drawings and be outlined in sharpie. (Line Quality)

Option #2

Students include their portrait in the project. 
    Students could cut and paste their portrait or transfer their portrait onto the project.
Students could position their portrait in a variety of ways...

Option #3

Students can trace their silhouette and add images inside their head.
Special Note- The face doesn't need to include facial features etc...
                       Students still need to follow the media requirements.

Option #4

Students can write their name in graffiti style lettering, and add their objects and images inside the lettering.
    Special Note- Letters MUST be very thick and large so that there is ample space to draw inside the letters.