Portrait Ideas


BONUS Points to students who use their OWN reference pictures. See images below for ideas.  
Open Media

The addition of the fence adds interest and complexity to the photo as well as possible meaning or message to the viewer. 

White Charcoal on black paper. 

Interesting way to add "non traditional" color or design to your subject. Think about what other images could be projected onto your subject. (Text?)

Are you sick of working with tradition media?  Check out these amazing cardboard portraits. 

Think about facial expression of your subject. 

"Make your mark". How can you put your own twist or spin on this idea? 

Draw on a "non traditional" background. 
Black and white charcoal on newspaper.

Ink on a map.

Could you turn someone into a cartoon? What filters could you put on a photo to simplify or flatten the colors? 

Are you up for a challenge? Check out these "Mindblowing" watercolor portraits. 

Crop out parts of the face to make an interesting composition. 


Try a new shading method. (Art II Shading Project) 

Doodles to create value.

Do you want to add elements to your portrait to elude to emotion or a message about your subject?

What's really going on underneath?