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    Social Studies

    The Social Studies department seeks to develop students who can identify and assume the privileges and responsibilities of United States and global citizenship. Students are given opportunities to develop study skills and refine communication skills in dealing with contemporary issues. Students are given the opportunity to effectively use technology as a learning tool and as a means to access content. Students improve their ability to work with historical material, as well as to evaluate history and global studies from a Christian perspective.

    Minnesota Studies 6

    Through the study of Minnesota Historical Society texts and primary source documents, students discover first-hand how diverse cultures interacted to shape the state of Minnesota. During this course, we will examine Minnesota’s ancient people and American Indians, Euro-American settlement and immigration, industry and the growth of cities, and contemporary Minnesota.  Minnesota’s history, geography, economy, and government will be examined as we study the development of Minnesota chronologically. Throughout the course students are also encouraged and challenged to develop and express an informed Christian worldview.

    World Geography 7

    In this class students will learn through readings, lectures, discussions, geospatial technologies, debates, simulations, and projects. Students will actively engage in the work of a geographer by asking geographic questions and then acquiring, organizing, analyzing, and interpreting geographic information in order to answer geographic questions. This course will use a regional approach to explore the six essential elements of Geography: Places and Regions, Physical Systems, Human Systems, Environments and Society, The Spatial World and Uses of Geography in Today’s Society. The content will incorporate a variety of scales-from local to global.  Classroom materials will include adopted instructional materials and supplementary printed and electronic resources. Throughout the course students are encouraged and challenged to develop and express an informed Christian worldview.

    American History 8
    In 8th grade students will learn about the history of the United States from the Revolutionary War period through the present.The study of U.S. Government is also embedded in this US History course.  This class is taught through readings, lectures, debates, and small group projects. Students have an additional opportunity to experience American History in Washington, D.C., on an optional June trip.

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