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    Pre-Algebra 2 - Grade 7

    This course includes an introduction to algebra, integers and negative exponents, rational numbers, percentages, and strategies for solving equations and inequalities. Topics in geometry, graphing of linear equations, areas and volume, ratio and proportion, and the Pythagorean Theorem are also studied.
    **My "office hours" are Monday and Friday mornings after 745 and Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday after school until 4pm.**

    Please check your child's score and review concepts they have scored 6 points or less!

    "When I get the quiz back, what do the numbers in the boxes on the front page mean?"

    5: Solid understanding - shows all work leading to a correct answer
    4: Minor computational error or missing a step or units
    3: Has a clue, but major conceptual error, and/or work is hard to follow
    2: Wrote something in the right direction, shows barest comprehension, or correct answer but no work shown
    1: Present and/or wrote nothing or nothing relevant to the problem

    Ms. Firkus
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