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    Art Class 2013 - 2014

    Creative Happenings in LS Art . . .
    September 4th, 2013

    As of last Thursday, we came to the end of our first 6 day rotation, and I have now had all of the classes in the Art Room (except the PreK 4 yr olds - they start next Monday). I am very excited for our year together!

    We (K - 5th grade students) are kicking the year off by learning how to draw a face using proportions, and art elements such shape, line, value, and color. These self-portraits will be monochromatic in color with the students coloring them according to their assigned table color (red, blue, yellow, green, orange, and purple). On the bottom of their drawing, they will be writing about their hope or dream for art this year. These wonderful drawings will be displayed on the bulletin boards outside of the art room in the next couple of weeks, so I hope you stop down to see them!

    We are also learning some new rules in art that will help the students hold each other accountable as a class, and which also tie in really well with The RedHawk Way, and the new RedHawk Way Exit Slip that is being used in Art, Spanish, and Music.

    The new classroom rules for art are based on the concept of Whole Brain Teaching and will help the students not only be engaged but also self-monitor their behaviors. The rules are (and please, ask your children to "show" them to you!):

    Rule #1 - Listen When the Teacher is Talking
    Rule #2 - Follow Directions Quickly
    Rule #3 - Raise Your Hand (to speak or stand)
    Rule #4 - Work Quietly
    Rule #5 - Make Smart Choices (the catch-all)
    Rule #6 - Clean Up After Yourself
    (and The Unwritten Rule - Keep Your Dear Art Teacher Happy : )

    As I explained to them, that rule is not really about me but about them. If they are happy, if they are being creative, having fun, and learning, then that's what makes me happy.

    We also learned Class!/Yes! and Hands & Eyes!. Ask them how these work!

    In addition, we are reviewing routines such as how to come into the art room (quietly), what they should do once they come in (look at the board for warm-up activity or other directions), how the job chart works and how jobs should be performed, and why it's important to Follow Directions Quickly (Rule #2) but still Be Safe (Redhawk Way). We also discussed some Smart vs. Foolish Choices scenarios in and out of the art room, we talked about the importance of taking care of our art room tools, and how we can best care for each other. These all relate to Rule #5 - Make Smart Choices!

    That's a lot to cover in one class of 70 minutes, so these are things we will be working on and practicing all year.

    In the PreK classes, we will be focusing on learning colors, lines, and shapes as well as providing a variety of experiences in art mediums. Some of their artwork will be totally experiential and some will be "take home and display" type of projects.

    With all of the classes, I will be looking for opportunities to collaborate with their classroom teachers in order to integrate some of their learning between the classroom and art as well as with the other specialists. I am exploring the idea of bringing in another teaching artist this year (but on a much smaller scale) as well as other external art learning experiences. I pray for an awesomely creative and bountifully blessed year, and with God's great works of art (your children), there is no doubt that it will be that kind of year! Thanks for sharing them!

    That's it for now! Always, keep your heart in your art!
    Mrs. Cullen

    Art Class Schedule:

    Every Mon. 11:00 - 11:25am PK 4YR - Anderson
    Every Thurs.  11:00 - 11:20am  PK 3YR - Kispert

    Day 1
    4th - Bosshardt
    12:30 - 1:40pm

    Day 2
    5th - Winn
    12:30 -  1:40pm
    3rd - Classen
    1:50 -  3:00pm      

    Day 3
    1st - Schmitz
    8:50 - 10:00am
    K  - Hanschen
    1:50 -  3:00pm
    Day 4
    2nd - Nelson
    8:50 - 10:00am
    5th  - Johnson
    12:30 -   1:40pm   

    Day 5
    1st - Jankowski
    8:50 - 10:00am
    4th - Christiansen
    12:30 -  1:40pm
    K - Ringling
    1:50 - 3:00pm

    Day 6
    2nd - Peterson
    8:50 - 10:00am
    3rd - Severson
    1:50 -  3:00pm