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    Ms. Ringling's Class

    Welcome to Kindergarten at Minnehaha Academy!

        It's going to be an awesome year in Kindergarten at Minnehaha Academy!

    Kindergarten builds the foundation for a lifetime of learning. When you think of it, everything you really need to know
        is taught in Kindergarten.The Kindergarten curriculum at Minnehaha Academy is enriched with experiences in
        reading, writing, math, Bible, science and social studies. This curriculum is only part of what is learned. The
        unwritten curriculum is equally as important. My Christian faith is integrated throughout the learning experience.
        Students are instructed in social skill development and conflict resolution skills each day. My goal is to encourage
        children to become self-disciplined, compassionate, creative, inquisitive and eager to learn.  I will create an
        environment in which each child is respected as a unique individual and fostered to reach his or her full potential.
        My expectations for students are:
            1. Respect God and others
            2. Have a positive attitude
            3. Cooperate with others
            4. Give their best effort in all things
            5. Be responsible for their time and their materials
            6. Have self-control