Stallion Page of Mineral Valley Morgans

Mineral's Fade to Grey
(Kissn' Tell Earl x FPS Lilys Fayre Alabaster)
2010 grey colt - base color smokey black
This unique stallion carries the creme gene and can produce palomino's and buckskin's as well as grey's
Already 15 H
Fade was gelded this year however he did sire 5 foals in 2013.
Please see the For Sale page

Gelded in February 2013 





The guy is affectionately known as "Fade". He is super smart and has been doing well in his training. He is currently working Level 2 & 3 in Parelli natural horsemanship. As you can tell he can be as sweet as a kitten or as animated as he needs to be. He is absolutely stunning.

You can see the strong Windover Regency (which was Flyhawk top and bottom) being passed down through each generation. This young stallion is a 5th generation black however he is unique in that he also carries the grey gene as expressed and the creme gene responsible for palominos and buckskins (dilutions of bay and chestnut and double dilutions). The creme gene is not expressed on black or browns
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 Sire Kissn' Tell Earl   

Grand sire SWMR Smokin Man


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