mooTree 2

Welcome to the humble home of mooTree 2 - an open-source javascript tree-control for use with the MooTools javascript framework.

The key features of mooTree are:
  • works with IE 6.0 and newer, Firefox and Opera
  • super lightweight - only 8 KB of javascript and a single GIF file
  • fully dynamic, e.g. adding / removing items on-the-fly
  • dynamically load nodes via XML ("ajax")
  • easily replace nested structures of <ul> and <li> elements
  • flexible node icons (supports "strips" of icons)
  • tree- and node-level events on click, on select / deselect and on expand / collapse
mooTree was written by Rasmus Schultz with contributions by Ian Ring.

This software is freely available for private as well as commercial usage, under the LGPL license.
Current working version
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This project is kindly hosted by Google.