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The Exchange section of the Mind-Matter Mapping Project has been designed as a tool to facilitate the flow of information and expertise among interested participants, while providing an additional source of income to struggling scientists.  

Are you willing to teach an online course in psi research methodology?  Do you have IT skills that could transfer to consciousness research data mining? Are you interested in teaching a remote viewing course customized to the needs of medical researchers or physicists?  Do you need help with statistical analysis or research funding? The M3P Exchange is a searchable database of available human resources, relevant teaching materials and training opportunities that intends to connect needs with expertise in a simple and efficient way.  Over the next few months we invite all M3P members and non-members alike to take part in this pilot project by listing relevant skills, interests, services and research tools that are sought or available to the community. 

If you wish to post an announcement that falls into one of the categories listed below, please contact Lian Sidorov (

  • training courses and certification (Remote Viewing, Qigong)
  • psi methodology and statistics primers, related course materials, books, CD's
  • tutorial and consulting services (offered or wanted)
  • IT assistance
  • help offered/ needed with grant applications, searching for grant opportunities and related networking
  • research equipment for sale or rent and equipment access opportunities
  • lectures and webinars 
  • requests for psi experiments volunteers

Note:  we are also looking for active remote viewers,  qigong practitioners and experienced meditators to take part in occasional surveys and collaborate with our physics team in providing specific empirical data. If interested, please write to