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Painting with the Windows Closed

posted Nov 22, 2010, 1:39 PM by Andrew Koh
Winter painting has historically been an interesting exercise.  Respirator or not, breathing in potential carcinogens in the form of VOCs in an enclosed space, in a super insulated house that is virtually air-tight... well that's just asking for trouble.  I might as well sniff glue.  Enter Benjamin Moore who is a gracious sponsor with their Natura line of ZERO VOC paint.  Here's the skinny on this product which is pretty comparable to their Aura line which is just about the best paint I've ever used:

-Virtually odorless
-Zero VOC's
-Preserves my brain cells
-Won't off-gas (good for my kids)
-High quality product

I'm not sure if I'll do it but I could paint with the windows closed which is a good thing in freezing weather.  The only thing better would be if I could do it with my eyes closed and with a simple click of the mouse...