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Nonsense and drivel...

posted Nov 1, 2010, 8:30 AM by Andrew Koh
People, including myself, seemingly want to call my street Gun Hill Road rather than Gun Hill Street.  No matter what I tell them, some will just write down "Street" rather than "Road".  Thank God for the internet.  So here's the difference between a street and a road:
"A road usually runs between two more distant points, such as between two towns. A street is described as being a paved road or highway - in a city, town, or village, especially one lined with houses, shops, or other buildings. The implication is that if a street does not have these things, it will probably be called a road." (Dictionary)

Roads can be turned into streets when a town expands, but because road is the more general term it can be applied to a street. Thus street is a narrower term under the road category, and is urban in principle or application. "The word "street" is sometimes used colloquially as a synonym for "road," but city residents and urban planners draw a crucial distinction: a road's main function is transportation, while streets facilitate public interaction. Examples of streets include pedestrian streets, alleys, and center-city streets too crowded for road vehicles to pass. Conversely, highways and motorways are types of roads, but few would refer to them as streets." (Wikipedia)

Who knew?  Next up... the difference between a pond and lake.