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And then there was more light!

posted Oct 27, 2010, 2:33 PM by Andrew Koh
Philips Lighting is committed to supporting our LED lighting needs.  What's the significance of this? 

Standard R20 bulb: 40 watts
Equivalent R20 CFL bulb: 14 watts
Equivalent R20 LED bulb: 7 watts

Just in case you don't have your calculator handy, that's 50% of the energy use of a CFL bulb and 17.5% energy use of a standard incandescent bulb.  In other words, nearly 6 times more efficient.  Considering 15.4% of the total electrical consumption in the average US home in 2008 was for lighting, this is absolutely critical in our ability to meet the Thousand Homes Challenge goals.  Sell your Yankee Candle Company stock, we've got a better lighting option...