In 2012 Milton Wisconsin was the proud recipient of a Chevy Diamonds and Dreams field.  Our historic Liberty Field was renovated by Chevrolet.  The Milton community would like to recognize and thank all the participants who made this gift possible.  For a summary on the project please view the video to the left.

Boys Baseball Overview:
MRec is a part of the FM Baseball League. The FM Baseball League is comprised of teams from Fort Atkinson and Milton  rec league that join  together for a baseball only league. MRec has been apart of the FM Baseball League since 2013.  This leagues was set up to help the participating communities establish a level of play that is greater than just having our own league here in Milton. This league has done just that and we believe that this league will do nothing but continue to grow.  

Girls Softball Overview:
MRec will play in the Quad County Softball League. The Quad County Softball League is comprised of teams from Burlington, Delavan, Eagle, East Troy, Elkhorn, Lake Geneva, Palmyra, Waterford, Whitewater, and Williams Bay joining together for a softball only League. The league is be split into two divisions to help with cutting down travel time.  This leagues is set up to help communities that have low numbers of participants for their leagues. By having joining this league, it will create a league that MRec can make sure that we can play other teams other than just MRec teams.