Mrs. Topinka's 6th Grade Science

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Your binder dividers should be labeled
  • Handouts
  • Journal
  • Resources
  • Graded items
  • Metric
Binder Items - keep in number order in your handouts section
1. DVD notes:  Jewel of the Earth
2. Insect Anatomy
3. Research - New Jersey Fossils, game board on back
4. How Do Fossils Form? 
5. Arthropod information gathering grid
6. Notes on index fossils
7. Fossil power point notes
8. Geologic time & timeline information

Metric Section
1. Triple beam balance practice
2. Measuring Mass practice
3. Mini-lab:  reading a graduated cylinder
4. Lab:  What is displacement?
5. Finding the Volume of Irregular Objects
6. Data sheet for outside measurements 
7. Metric staircase ("Kangaroo Helps..." on back)
8. Conversion Challenge
9.  Measuring Matter Brainpop Quiz
10. Converting Metric Units packet
11. Measuring Length
12. Estimating Volume (optional extra practice)
13. Mini-Metric Olympics
14. Metric Measurement review & practice worksheet
15. Review poster directions & class-designed rubric
16. Measurement practice
17.  Practice page
18.  Lab practice (measurements on lined paper)

Resources Section
List of contents in the front
1. Safety Contract
2. Science Class Discussion Norms (pink)
3. Yellow Team "Unforgivables" (yellow!)
4. Suggested Phrases for Scientific Argumentation (teal)
5.  R.A.C.E. reference page
6.  Lab Roles & Responsibilities (orange)
7.  Essential Rules for Independent Work (green)