Mrs. Keune's Sixth Grade Science



It's going to be the best year ever!!!

Hello and Welcome to the Middle School and Sixth Grade 

 During the year, we will be learning about Cells, Mitosis, Meiosis,Weather, Genetics and Space Systems along with new science concepts and process skills. 
This year will expose students to the engineering process and how it it used in our everyday life. There are many exciting lessons, presentations,and hands-on activities during this new school year. Hope you are ready for a fun-filled year of learning!!

Please BRING your planner and binder and Chrome book to class everyday.



Information about me:
College: Bachelor of Arts with a Minor in Biology from Kean University 1981

Teacher of the Handicapped Certified 1991

Masters in Education -- Walden University 2005

Years of Experience:
36 years ( Science, Technology, Special education) Fourteen yea rs of private school experience and 23years of public school experience. 


Remodeling, beach activities and leisure, Crafts and family outings