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   Homework and Assignments
Homework, tests, assignments, comments, due dates, point values 
and grades can be found on 
These are updated at the end of each week.  
Please click here to access 
Power School from the district website. 
In addition, homework is posted every day on the daily classroom agenda and on the homework
calendar in Room 411.  It is the student's responsibility to write down assignments in their planner or use an electronic planner such as Google Calendar or on an app on their phone.  

Printing from Chromebooks:  For whatever reason, only certain Chromebooks interface with certain printers at home, so many students will not be able to print directly from their Chromebooks at home.  However, there is a way to print the document.  Go to whatever device is connected to your printer at home.  Open Chrome (search Google), have student log in with school Google account and password.  Go to the top left of the tool bar, click on the little dots that say Apps. Click on Docs. Click on the document you wish to print.  When that document is on your screen, you can now print.  
      If printing is NOT possible from home for whatever reason, please make sure that you go to the library immediately upon entering school in the morning, during homeroom, at the start of your lunch period or during someone's LEHP.  Students can print directly from the Media Center computers. 
 No students will be permitted to leave class to print.  This is the student's responsibility and it must be done on their own time.  It is not possible for me to grade the majority of labs on the computer.  I need a paper copy.  Thank you for your assistance in this matter.  (updated 9/5/18)

Power School Hints:
If you are viewing Power School, please be sure to run your cursor over the small arrows to see my notes and comments regarding a particular assignment.  If you see a small blue "c" next to a grade, there is a personal comment for the student and parent to view. 

Please note that Power School automatically calculates a running average, even if it is the very beginning of the marking period, therefore averages are not a true representation of a student's grade until enough grades in each category have been entered. 
Likewise, please check the arrows to see the actual value of the assignments prior to being concerned, as a grade entered as 5 out of 10 points will automatically show an "F" on an assignment. This is not the case, as it is simply 5 points earned out of a possible 10 points.  

Final marking period grades are determined in each category by the total points earned by the student for the marking period divided by the total points possible. Categories are weighted, 40% Tests/Quizzes; 40% Labs and Projects; 10% Homework and Binder, and 10% Classwork and in-class presentations.

What's going on in class?

We will be starting the year off with lab safety, then go into experimental design and process.
Specific assignment information is in Google Classroom and on Power School.


Please check PowerSchool for any upcoming tests and quizzes. 
Progressive nightly studying is always suggested.  (updated 09/05/18)

SCIENCE LEHP SCHEDULE FOR 2017-2018:  Mrs. Shaffer, Room 412, has agreed to work with my students during LEHP for the first 3 marking periods, since I teach an elective during the 8th grade lunch block. Mrs. Shaffer co-teaches with me period 3, so she knows exactly what goes on in class and can assist with make-up work and organization. (updated 09/05/18)

Test Information
I will always provide a guide to study which will include a list of topics that will be covered on the test, as well as specific assignments, and page numbers to review. In addition, we do review exercises in the days prior to testing and go over this material in class.  In 8th grade, we strongly suggest progressive, nightly studying to ensure success. Students should be reviewing 10-15 minutes per night on those nights that they don't have written homework. Please remember my tests are not vocabulary tests. Students must be able to apply what you have learned, not simply memorize it.  (updated 9/05/18)

If you need any additional information please feel free to contact me at 
or leave a message at 732-786-0950 x80105