Welcome to MPAC

The Millstone Township Performing Arts Center is a 1,200 seat modern facility with capabilities rivaling professional performing arts centers and has been welcoming renters  since opening in  2008. Full stage rigging, digital audio, computerized lighting control, color changing fixtures, and areas for dressing and changing are provided.  Room acoustics are designed for theatrical as well as varied musical use with a sophisticated sound system to augment stage performances. Production intercom is implemented on stage, in the booth, and dressing rooms. Lighting positions are easily accessible from cove catwalks and galleries. The system has five stage electrics as well, with DMX and network control throughout.

Fees & Regulations:

*  MPAC’s rental rate is $3,600 for  nine hours detailed as a six (6) hour performance day and

    a separate three (3) hour rehearsal. 

    Additional time @$250/hour.  

*  Rate includes use of the theater, lobby, dressing rooms (music rooms), box office area,

    and lighting, and sound equipment.

*  Additional fees include sound and lighting technicians at $50/hour, minimum 4 hour call.

    At least one (1)  technical person required from district  staff.

 * MPAC’s hourly event rental rate available upon request.

*  Box office facility available.

*   Lobby area available for use before, during & after performances.

*  Ticketing is the responsibility of renting group. On-line ticketing capabilities available.

*  MPAC is a smoke free facility.  No smoking allowed in or on the premises.

*  No food or drink allowed in theater.

*  Concession area available to rent  at $250 per day. 

*  See Regulations 7510.01 for a complete listing of regulations.


* 1,200 Seats                                       

* Box Office Area                   

* Lobby Art Gallery Area

* *

* Reception Area

* Catwalks

* Proscenium Stage Area


* Wheelchair accessible  

* Professional Lighting 

* Professional Sound, including wireless microphones

* Full Rigging

* Large Parking Area

* Exterior Loading Doors

*Wireless Hearing Assisted System

View from the Stage
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