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  • Fall is here...
    It is so wonderful to look out my office window and see our middle school students running around with the PE class or during recess.  As I write this update, the wind is blowing the autumn tinted leaves.  Our students have been in attendance full time since September 8th and our classes are in full swing.  Administrator and our tech specialists are prepping for our state of New Jersey Start Strong assessments for grades 4 to 8 for the week of October 4th.  The students will complete one unit (approx. 45 minutes) for math and one for language arts.  In addition, our grade 6 students will also complete one unit of science.  This data will provide us with necessary information on the standards attained in the year prior for the New Jersey Student Learning Standards.  These assessments are also making up for the fact that due to COVID-19, our spring New Jersey Student Learning Assessments were cancelled.  Our administrators will be utilizing the data from Start Strong, along with the data from our LinkIt benchmarks, to identify any individual gaps that may exist.  
    Posted Sep 23, 2021, 9:08 AM by Karen Barry
  • Untitled Post
    Here we are on day 55 of tele-schooling and there are just a few days left of school.  None of us expected for this to last so long.  Our diligent teachers have continued to conduct learning remotely and our students have worked hard.  However, we have to thank all of our wonderful parents for all of the work they have done at home as well.  Many of our parents are working remotely and I know as a mom of two boys myself, that this has been an stressful time for all of us as we balance our own work and that of our children.  Thank you!

    As school comes to a close, we are all waiting for the governor to announce the plans for September.  We will continue to share information with everyone as it is released.  Hang in there and enjoy the beautiful weather when you can.  
    Posted Jun 11, 2020, 9:42 AM by Karen Barry
  • We Can Do This...
    It is Day 2 of virtual learning in Millstone.  I have to say that it was very strange pulling into the parking lot at the middle school yesterday morning.  I usually walk through the middle school in the morning and see the students arriving and scurrying to their homeroom classes.  Sometimes I get to see our Japanese Swordsmanship class in progress as I walk past the cafeteria.  Mr. Williams proudly modeling for his students as they follow along with excitement.  I sometimes stop in to our very own Shop Rite.  This has been a stop over the last few weeks as I purchased water, canned food, and, of course, snacks as I prepared to avoid food shopping with a mass of people.  If you haven't had a chance to shop at our Millstone Middle School Shop Rite, it is open from 3 to 4pm Monday to Thursday when our school is in session.  It is definitely worth the trip.  It does has a private entrance right off of our bus loop.  

    Day 1 of virtual learning was what I believe to be a success.  It is amazing to see what our staff is creating and I had the chance of seeing some pictures that were shared by parents.  If you want to share a picture of your child's work station, please share on Twitter or Facebook with the hashtag #Proud2BMillstone.  

    If any parent needs assistance with logins for our online learning tools, please do not hesitate to email me:  barryk@millstone.k12.nj.us
    Posted Mar 17, 2020, 5:23 AM by Karen Barry
  • The Busy Bees of Summer...
    Millstone Schools are buzzing with learning as our summer days surf by.  Our ESY program has been in full swing since the beginning of July.  The community recreation program has students filling our hallways excited for field trips and activities.  And, our teachers have been attending or leading summer professional development on topics such as curriculum writing, Mindfulness, Running Records for reading, and Creating a Digital Classroom just to name a few.  Our New Staff Academy is the week of August 12th and we have 9 new teachers joining us this year due to many retirements that occurred in June.  We are excited to bring on a new wave of wonderful teachers.  Enjoy the remaining days of summer as we prepare our buildings for September.  
    Posted Jul 31, 2019, 3:43 PM by Karen Barry
  • Spring has Sprung!
    Although we are still waiting for warm weather to be consistent, we are in full swing for the spring at Millstone Schools.  Grades 3-8 students began the New Jersey Student Learning Assessments this morning with Day One of Language Arts.  We should be wrapped up by Wednesday of next week.  End of year field trip are beginning and 8th grade graduation will be here before we know it.  Enjoy the longer days!
    Posted May 2, 2019, 8:00 AM by Karen Barry
  • New K-3 Standards-Based Report Cards Debut December 8th
    A committee of K-5 teachers and administrators worked for 14 to 16 months to bring this new standards-based report card to our K-3 students this year.  Information sessions were offered in the spring and a parent brochure was available in the spring and again at Back to School Night and Parent Conferences in November.  Our committee is excited with the work that we accomplished.  Not only did we work together to pour over report card samples from around New Jersey, we also brought in our expert teachers in language arts, math, science, social studies and related arts to ensure that we were looking at this report card from every angle.  Every single line of the standards-based report card represents what our teachers feel is a valuable standard of their subject area.  In addition, our teachers in all areas have rubrics to coincide with each line of the report card to assist them in defining whether a student is approaching, meeting, exceeding, or not yet meeting expectations for the grade level in each standard.  

    Once these report cards come home on December 8th, Mrs. Bogusz, Ms. Guidry, and myself would like to make ourselves available to you for assistance.  We have planned an Informational Meeting for Tuesday, December 13th at 10 am in the Primary School to assist those parents who need assistance in understanding the report card.  This is not a time for conferences on individual report cards, but a time to ask questions on what it may mean to Approach Grade Level Expectations in a particular Area or Meet Expectations.  

    Posted Dec 7, 2016, 10:31 AM by Karen Barry
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