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Student Message:

    Welcome to my 8th grade Math Class!  I am excited to have you in my class!  This year we will develop our mathematical skills, learn how to think about the world of numbers, and prepare  for higher level mathematics as well as the eighth grade PARCC test . 

This web page was designed for you!

    You can find homework assignments, calendar of upcoming sections/assessments, my grading policy, information on the textbook websites, and other cool math stuff (games, virtual manipulatives).

Parent Message:

       Welcome to a new year at Millstone Middle School!  I am excited to begin another year with your child in my class and hope that together we can work out a plan to help them succeed both in my class and in the future! 

   Please contact me if you ever have any concerns or would like to discuss your child's progress.


    We will no longer be using grade sheets or  having tests signed!  You can update yourself about your child’s progress through the parent logon of PowerSchool.  

   Please allow us adequate time (~1 week for multiple choice/matching type assessments and   2+ weeks for assessments with essays or projects) to grade your child’s work. 

      We will do our best to update and publish grades weekly.

Summer Packets:

Summer Math Packets 

are available for: 

6th going into 7th                         7th going into 8th

the theory of the Pythagoreans -

"Numbers are the Essence of all that is Intelligible in the Universe" 
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PARCC Language Arts and Math Assessments

....May 9-16, 2018

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