Discovering the Ancient World with Mr. Williams


Friday, May 10; Chapter Test; Ancient Rome

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Class Syllabus

Course Objectives:

Students will begin the course with a review of geography skills. We will then explore the history of early humans and the development of ancient civilizations and religions, past and present, throughout the world.

Students will learn through the use of individual and group projects, artistic interpretations, writing assignments, classroom discussions and presentations.


Classroom Rules:

Be on time, enter quietly, sit down, look at today’s agenda and be prepared to work.

Copy in your planner any important assignments or upcoming dates.

Be respectful to others opinions and property.

Raise your hand when you wish to speak, so that everyone can be heard.

Follow all other school rules and dress code when in the classroom.

No iPads, iPods, cell phones, or other electronic devices in keeping with school policy. All of these personal items may not be out or in use during class time unless given permission by the teacher.

Destruction of property will not be tolerated: no writing on desks or in textbooks.


Grading: Please check your PowerSchool account regularly.

Tests and Projects = 65%           Quizzes = 25%            Notebook and Class work = 10%

Contact Information: williar@millstone.k12.nj.us