Miller - Coy Story Time

Below you will find web links to stories about different branches of the Miller - Coy Family. 

Some of the stories are quite interesting while others are truly heartbreaking. 

Stories of trials and tribulations, and stories of triumphs and victories. 


A great way to get an idea about our ancestor's lives...



The Mayflower Connection


Yes, the Coy Family is related to Elder William Brewster, also known as 'Mayflower Brewster'...the man responsible for bringing the Pilgrims to America.  Mathew Coy married Ann Brewster, a descendant of William's. 

This web link is to a Plymouth, MA website with oodles an oodles of information on the passengers of the Mayflower.  Didn't know you were related to someone famous, huh?...Well, read on...



      A Few History Notes on the Coy Family


Take a moment to travel back through time...This is a link to a few notes on the history of the Coy surname and it's English, Scottish, and Welsh heritage.  Just a few 'pieces of useless information' probably only interesting to those of us in the Coy clan...But, interesting tidbits, none the less...



A Creech Family History    


This is a web link to 'Old Dobbers'.  A website dedicated to research on Lenoir and Greene/Glasgow Counties, NC (aka Dobbs County, NC).  Follow the SURNAME link to CREECH.

Once there, you will find a wonderful history of the Creech Family written by James M. Creech.  Within the story you will read about Creech physical characteristics, trials and tribulations and migrations of the family.  Many of the family line Mr. Creech outlines are our Creech ancestors. 

A very enightening story of how the Creeches took on a young America...



     Creech Coat of Arms


This web link shows the evolution of the Creech Coat of Arms.  

You can explore the site for additional information on Creeches in America...

If you are looking for proof of Creeches in the Revolutionary War...this is the site for you!!



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