Welcome to First Grade! Please check back often for updated homework and what we are learning!

Welcome to our Classroom! 
Dear First Grader,

Welcome to room 122! My name is Mrs. Bottiglieri and I will be your 
first grade teacher! I am looking forward to having you in my classroom this 
year. First grade is so exciting! We do many special things throughout the 
year. Some of those special things include meeting new friends, becoming better readers and writers,
 learning new math concepts, and exploring new 
topics in science and social studies. 
On the first day of school you will meet your classmates and become 
familiar with one another. When you enter the room you will see where you will 
sit, where your things belong, and what our schedule will be like. Please make 
sure to pack a daily snack and have a backpack with your important notices. 
Bringing a special folder with your name on it for all of your important papers is 
extremely helpful. 
As I prepare our classroom for the fall, please remember to have fun 
and rest up for a fantastic year in first grade. I cannot wait to meet you!

Mrs. Bottiglieri


    • School Supplies Needed
2 Jumbo Glue Sticks (labeled)
Pencils (Ticonderoga are best)
One pair of scissors (labeled)
One plastic pencil box (labeled)-Please make sure all of your school supplies will fit in it
2 spiral notebooks (labeled)
2 pocket folders (labeled)
2 skinny expo markers 
One magic eraser or old sock 
(to erase expo marker with)