The Math Coach

This year I've moved across the Media Center to Room 35 and taken on the title of "STEAM Instructional Coach." That's quite a mouthful, so I like to refer to myself as "The Math Coach."  I was thinking of wearing a whistle around my neck and a baseball cap with the signs of the four basic math operations on it, but all I could find was the cap, and it's impolite to wear a hat indoors.

So what does a STEAM Instructional Coach do? This one helps all of the math teachers in many different ways. I find math resources for them to present to their classes. I look at data from the tests, quizzes, and other work their students do to help figure out how to best teach their classes. I visit their rooms to help with kids who need a little extra practice (or a little more of a challenge) in whatever's being covered in math. In short, it's a little bit of everything.

The main goal, though, is the same one that every teacher at our school has-- to increase the amount of learning that happens at Shaw School every day. I hope I have the chance to see and work with you in math class this year. If I do, and I'm wearing the cap with the four operations on it, please check to make sure you're not having math class outdoors by mistake.

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MAP Testing

At Shaw, we use an online tool called the Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) to help assess student progress in both Math and English/Language Arts. Students take this assessment three times a year, and I use the data that the test generates to help me know what skills and concepts to cover and review in class.

We also give the PARCC exam in May. Results from this assessment are used to compare Shaw students to a national benchmark and assist our faculty and administration in giving direction to the school's math curriculum. Student test scores can also provide valuable information about individual strengths and weaknesses

Problems of the Month

Many students have asked me if I'm going to post Problems of the Month again this  year on the bulletin boards around the school. Actually, I'm thinking of something different for this year... something a little more challenging and a little easier for everyone to take part in. Stay tuned for news about it!

Stuff of Interest

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