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Millbury Public Schools Nutrition Services


Director of Food Service 
Mary E. Leslie
40 Elmwood Street
Millbury, MA 01527

                                                                             Elmwood               Shaw            JR/SR High School

Free and Reduced Meals
As part of the 2010 Healthy and Hunger-Free Kids Act, Millbury Public Schools offers free and reduced price meals to families who qualify. Applications are available year-round in each school's office.

School meal standards are based on the USDA MyPlate and the Dietary Guidelines for Americans. This ensures that each meal is made up of a balance of good healthy choices. Meals are now lower in calories, total fat, saturated fat, and added sugars while containing more fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and low-fat diary. 

Breakfast: The Fuel for School!
With nearly 1 in 5 U.S. kids facing the threat of hunger, teachers across America are seeing its effects.

Students who go to class hungry are unable to concentrate, often have headaches and stomach aches, and demonstrate poor academic performance.

Students who eat breakfast:
  • Have better attendance

  • Are tardy less often
  • Are better able to concentrate

  • Perform better academically through higher test scores and grades – especially when eaten close to testing time

  • Make fewer visits to the school nurse

  • Have fewer disciplinary problems and report less bullying

Why Millbury School Breakfast?

Sometimes children aren’t hungry right after waking up, and it’s hard to find food they like to eat that is also healthy. Also, some kids refuse breakfast at home but are hungry when they arrive at school. Fortunately, we have a great breakfast program for all students, and it’s available at school every day.

Here are some fun facts about school breakfast:
  • It’s easy! Instead of running around in the morning trying to make sure your children eat a healthy meal, let us do the work. They can get a great breakfast at school, and there will be no dishes for you to wash!
  • It’s affordable!  If qualified, your child may be able to get breakfast at a reduced price or for free. If your child already eats a free or reduced price lunch, they automatically qualify for a free or reduced price breakfast. More than half (or 67%) of students who qualify for free or reduced lunch in the Millbury Jr/Sr High School do not eat school breakfast on a given school day.
  • It’s tasty!  Schools now have more variety to choose from when deciding what to offer your children for breakfast.  We will frequently update our online menu so you will always know what fresh and delicious items will be offered.  

The Healthy Hunger Free Kids Act of 2010 as well as Massachusetts Nutrition Standards for Competitive Foods set nutrition standards for all foods sold in schools.
To meet these standards all snacks served at Millbury Schools, including vending machines, appear on the JohnStalker Institute “A-List”.

Food Allergens