Advanced Placement courses (& grades) are challenging
*AP courses are taught at a college level
*Courses are time intensive
      *Work is due during the summer
      *Work is often assigned during vacations especially in April
*Students may often find themselves overextended 
*An AP course might be the first time a student receives a "B"
*AP Biology is particularly challenging
*See MHS AP Results

Students must balance the demands of an AP course with the demands of:
*other AP courses
*other courses
*extracurricular activities (athletics, clubs,...)

Students must take the College Board exam in May
(payments are due by January!)

Students who drop an AP course after July 31 incur a penalty
        *Students are to lose an elective (for the year)

Millburn offers most of the College Board's AP courses usually with multiple sections.  Size of each class varies depending upon scheduling constraints, interest, qualifications and other factors.  

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