Every year, the Millbrae Leo's Club participates in the Millbrae Lion's Club Youth Week. The high school participants participates in city government. Every year, the high school students are partner up with city officials and learn why they are important to the city. The students learn about their counterpart position from a city council meeting, city tour, and finally a mock city council meeting. Each year, the students create a mock city council meeting, so they experience the roles of their counter parts. This creates a wonderful oppurtunity for each student to learn about city government. Please watch the students in their Mock City Council Meeting on April 28, 2011. The students did a terrific job with their Mock City Council Meeting.

Millbrae Leo's Mock Youth Council Meeting 2011 from Millbrae Leo's Club recorded by MCTV.
We would like to thank MCTV for filming this event.

To view the agenda for the Youth in Government Mock City Council Meeting, please click here.

This year Youth in Government Participants are:
Vice President Leo Ranit Dubey as the Mayor
Membership Director Leo Christina Xian as the Vice Mayor
Fundraising Director Leo Nick Ueng as council member
Leo Moncarol Wang as council member
2nd Vice President Leo Sylvia Chen as Public Works Superintendent
Secretary/Treasure Leo Jenny Zhong as City Engineer
Projects Director Leo Kevin Durney as City Planner
President Leo Alex Lee as Community Development Planner
Sandra Shu as council member
Leo Patrick Chang as Park Superintendent
Leo Matthew Cheung as Recreation Superintendent
Leo Colin Cheung as Public Works Director
Leo Jennifer Ma as Police/Fire Chief
Leo Olliva Mullins as Police Chief
Leo Amanda Lee as the Financial Director
Leo Michelle Ng as City Manager
Leo Sarah Leong as City Clerk
Jonathan Cheung as City Attorney