7305.1 Technology
            Rule: District Internet Web Pages and Social Media Sites (click on the rule name to download and print)

I.          Definitions

            A.      Social Media - is the collective of online communications channels dedicated to community-                            based input, online interaction, content sharing, and collaboration (e.g., websites and                                         applications dedicated to forums, blogging, social networking , and social curation).

            B.      Approved Social Media Site – All social media sites must be approved by the Executive Director                      of Technology for technical requirements and compliance issues. In addition, approved social                         media sites must have been reviewed and approved by the Director of Communications and/or                         have been approved by the Associate Superintendent for Educational Services for use in student                      learning activities and teacher-parent-student communications about learning. .

            C.      Professional Responsibility – The employee may use District approved social media sites to                              support communication and/or instruction. Professional responsibility occurs when there is the                          presentation of oneself as a representative of the District or employee thereof, whose activities                       are job related and is subject to the District’s policies, rules, procedures, and guidelines.

            D.      Personal Responsibility – the presentation of oneself in a manner that is outside professional                          responsibility in all comments, posting, etc. Personal responsibility encompasses that which is                          not job related.

II.         Accountability

            A.      District employees who utilize web or social media sites in pursuit of their professional                                     responsibilities are subject to the District’s Code of Ethics (Policy 4155 and Rule 4155.1).

            B.      Each staff member who creates a web page or any part of a web page or supervises the                                 creation of a web page or uses an approved social media site or any part of an approved social                         media site or supervises the creation of an approved social media site is responsible for the                             content and must inform the Superintendent/designee or Principal/designee of the existence and                       the intent/purpose of the page prior to such web site or approved social media site being                                  accessible on the Internet. This includes student-produced web pages and social media content.

            C.      Each web page or approved social media author or contributing web page and approved social                         media site author shall assume professional responsibility for the information being educationally                      appropriate, current, accurate (including having correct spelling and grammar), and adhering to                         District policies and rules. This includes students who author or contribute to the creation of a                         web page or approved social media site.

            D.      All District or building web pages and approved social media sites shall have a staff member                         who shall monitor and be responsible for approving the content of the information, which is                             accessible on each web and approved social media site.

            E.      The content of the information shall be in compliance with the District’s policies and rules                                  including, but not limited to, the standards, criteria, and limitations of District Policies and Rules                      1115.1(I), 1306.1, 3150.1, 4001, 4145.1, 4155.1, 4156.1, 5010, 5020, 5300.3, 5400.6, 5510.1(I),                         5800.1, 6002, 6265, 6605.1(I), 7100.1, and 7310.1, which are incorporated herein.

            F.      Guidelines for web pages and the use of approved social media sites shall be established by the                      Superintendent or designee and shall be available to staff..

III.        Professional Responsibility and Personal Responsibility

            A.      Professional Responsibility. When using District web pages and/or approved social media sites,                      staff may not engage in the following:

                     1.      Simultaneously identify oneself as a District employee and send, solicit, or display                                         materials that are offensive, including sexually oriented material, graphic depictions of                                     violence, or material that offends or harasses on the basis of race, color, religion, national                                 origin, gender, marital status, disability, or age.

                     2.     Unprofessional communication that could negatively impact the District’s reputation or                                     interfere with the District’s core mission, or unprofessional/inappropriate communication                                 regarding members of the District’s community.

                     3.     Acting as a representative of the District, or acting in a way that would infer that one is a                                 District representative or acting for and on behalf of the District when not authorized to do                                 so (e.g., contacting the media or government officials with District e-mail, responding to                                 complaints or questions about District business on Internet discussion groups, etc.).

                     4.     Sending, receiving, printing or otherwise disseminating proprietary data, trade secrets or                                 other confidential information in violation of District policy, proprietary agreements or other                                 contractual terms. Using District-owned data or work product for personal gain. Using                                     District trademarks (e.g., name, logos), or branding without authorization from the Office of                              Communications.

                     5.     Inappropriately sharing confidential information related to District business, including but not                              limited to, personnel actions, internal investigations, research material, or student                                             information.

                     6.     Any activity in violation of local, state, or federal law as it relates to the staff member’s                                    employment with the District, including, but not limited to, defamatory remarks; destruction                             of District data or equipment; or accessing or sharing information in violation of HIPAA,                                    FERPA, CIPA, or COPPA. This includes any activity that would cause the District to not be                             in compliance with state or federal law.

                     7.     Any activity in violation of District policies and rules, including, but not limited to the                                        standards, criteria, and limitations of District Policies and Rules 1115.1(I), 1306.1, 3150.1,                                4001, 4145.1, 4155.1, 4156.1, 5010, 5020, 5300.3, 5400.6, 5510.1(I), 5800.1, 6002, 6265,                                6605.1(I), 7100.1, and 7310.1, which are incorporated herein.

          B.        Personal Responsibility. When using non-District web pages and/or personal social media sites                         outside of the duties as a staff member of the District, staff should consider the following:

                     1.     For certificated staff, the District’s Code of Ethics and the State Standards of Professional                              Practice are applicable.

                     2.     District staff are responsible for all matters which they post or publish.

                     3.     All matters which may be posted or published, including photographs, should reflect high                                 standards of professionalism and professional discretion, and should not negatively or                                     adversely impact relations with students, parents, other staff, or the community.

                     4.     Staff should not “friend” students or parents on their personal Facebook pages until the                                     student has been graduated from the District for a least one year.

IV.      Privacy

          A.       All reasonable steps shall be taken to insure that the use of the Internet or approved social media                     sites shall not abridge the right of privacy of students or staff as provided by law, including but                        not limited to FERPA, HIPAA, CIPA, and COPPA.

          B.      Staff may publish student photographs and first names (except for those students who have a                            Letter of Directory Information on file). Exceptions beyond first names may be made by the                            Superintendent or their designee, or the Principal or their designee, for other identifying information                     when special circumstances dictate (e.g., athletic contests, special achievements, student                            recognitions).

          C.      Group and individual photographs may be published without permission if names are not used.

          D.      Student Directory Information (as described below) may be made available on District web pages                     in compliance with the District’s policies and rules. Directory information appropriate for the web                        includes the following:

                    1.      First and last name ;

                    2.      Current grade level;

                    3.      Participation in officially recognized activities and sports;

                    4.      Weight and height of members of athletic teams;

                    5.      Degrees and awards received; and

                    6.      Photographs

V.       ProjecPAYBAC Partners, PTO/PTA Organizations, and Booster Clubs

          A.      Project PAYBAC partners, PTO/PTA organizations, and Booster Clubs may be identified as                           supporters of the District.

          B.      There shall be no web links to commercial web sites that are of a promotional nature except as                       approved by the Superintendent or designee.

          C.      District or building web sites may contain links to governmental agencies, District affiliated                               organizations which were organized and exist for the sole purpose of supporting the District’s
                   educational and extracurricular programs, other educational institutions, public libraries, and public                    museums.

VI.      Fundraising Activities

          A.      Information about school-related fundraising activities can be published including information about                    the product, the name of the sponsor and/or telephone number.

          B.      There shall be no on-line purchasing and such use of the District’s computers is strictly prohibited                     unless authorized by the Superintendent or designee.

          C.      District and building websites shall not facilitate online purchasing unless authorized by the                               Superintendent or designee.

VII.      Interactive Use

           A.     District e-mail addresses of staff and Board members are allowed to be published.

           B.     When District e-mail addresses are published, the following disclaimer should appear on that page:                    “These e-mail addresses are for use by staff, students, and parents relating to school business                        only. Solicitation is prohibited.”

           C.     Individual student’s e-mail addresses may be disseminated but must be protected by a unique                        password for each student on servers as identified in Section VIII.

VIII.     Where Information Resides

           A.     All digital information shall be accessible to the Internet on District-controlled servers or District-                      controlled cloud based services under the District’s domain name approved by the Superintendent                    or designee.

           B.     All District policies and rules apply regardless of where the web sites reside.

IX.       Not an Open or Public Forum

           A.     The District does not by this Rule create or establish an open or public forum and reserves the                        sole and absolute right to determine the acceptable District web pages and approved social media                     sites.

           B.      The District reserves the right to monitor, review, and audit the use of District web pages and                             approved social media sites. The District further reserves the right to search District web pages                      and approved social media sites as part of any investigation into unauthorized use or prohibited or                      illegal conduct.

X.        Violations of this Rule may result in disciplinary action.

Rule Approved:

July 17, 2000


September 10, 2001
May 2, 2005
October 6, 2008
May 21, 2012
October 1, 2012
(May 2, 2005-Renumbered from 1102.1)


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