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World War 2


Today we began our unit on World War II. We discussed Chapter 20, section 1 of your textbook. This is on pp. 682-687. If you were absent, you will want to read this chapter and make sure that you understand. In Mr. Draper's classes, you had a worksheet (attached below - Post WWI Europe Worksheet) on this section that you will need to complete.


Today we began our discussion on the causes of WWII and on the Holocaust. If you were absent, you will want to read Chapter 20, section 2 of your textbook, pp. 688-693. We also watched a video in class about Nazi concentration camps.


Today we continued our discussion on the Holocaust by talking about the differences between concentration camps and extermination camps. We watched a PBS video - Escape from Auschwitz (below). All students were required to write 10 things that they learned about Auschwitz during the movie. This is an assignment.


Today we talked about America's entrance into WWII and Mobilizing for War. We covered pp. 702-721 in the textbook. A PowerPoint presentation is attached below as a .pdf file (America and WWII). If you were absent, you will want to study this presentation.

Today we did a worksheet that covers the major battles of WWII and the end of WWII (attached below, with instructions included). We also watched an episode of Hogan's Heroes:
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