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Discover Florence

Florence Duomo Cathedral

You’ll be overwhelmed by Florence’s rich history while visiting the Uffizi, Florence’s most famous museum that houses the Medici family’s collection of art—including works from Botticelli, Leonardo da Vinci, and Michelangelo. Walking through the streets of Florence, you’ll be overpowered by the feeling that this city, the capital of the beautiful Italian state of Tuscany, was the birthplace of the European Renaissance and a metropolis that exuded its cultural influence for centuries. Home to the powerful Medici family, who cultivated Florence as a center for the arts during the sixteenth century, the city’s rich offering of art and cultural history is astounding. You’ll be charmed by Florence’s beauty and majestic allure when exploring the Pitti Palace, the Florentine Royal Palace, and Florence’s stunning cathedral, the Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore. You’ll marvel at the city’s beautiful parks and marketplaces, where this lively city reveals its true charm.  

Tour Options

City Sightseeing Tours

Florence – Grand Sightseeing Tour
4 hour walking or driving

All roads lead to…Florence, one of the world’s most beautiful cities! One visits Florence for the cathedral alone, the Duomo. It is the largest basilica in the world built of brick and mortar. With is dome by Brunelleschi and its pink and green marble panels--it is by far the most beautiful in Tuscany. Proceeding on to the Old Bridge or Ponte Vecchio, also called the “Jewelers’ Bridge,” you will be charmed by its multiple shops….on the bridge itself! At the L-shaped hub of the city, the Piazzo della Signoria, you will stand in the focal point of Florentine history with the Old Town Hall or Palazzo Vecchio., This Romanesque fortress is where the powerful Medicis once lived before moving across the river to the vast Palazzo Pitti, a Renaissance palace. Today it houses museums of art, silver, porcelain and more—the most famous among them being one of the oldest museums in the world, the Uffizi Gallery with its collection of over ¼  million works of art! The treasures in Florence are too numerous to name but of course you cannot take leave of this wondrous city before admiring Michelangelo’s most well-known work: the statue of David from 1504 (if you wish to enter this museum, please let us know in advance).

 Come to Florence and be in awe! 

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