Summer School 2017

7/12/17 Announcements: The last day of summer school is Friday, July 14th!  Report cards will be ready for pick up from Thursday, July 20th in the admin office and at Jumpstart on July 29th & 31st.
If you need your credit forwarded to another school and DID NOT document this on your registration, please let the summer school office know by email or phone no later than Thursday, July 20th.  
Reminder: Don't forget to come to Jumpstart on July 29th or July 31st.  
Freshman and new students' first day of school is on Monday, August 7th.  Upperclassmen report on Tuesday, August 8th.
Enjoy the next 3 weeks of summer vacation :)
7/7/17 Announcements: Mid quarter grades for failing students are going home today.
6/26/17 Announcements: Last day for session 1 is tomorrow, June 27.  First semester report cards will be distributed on Wednesday, July 5th in the summer school office.  
2nd session begins on Wednesday, June 28.  Class rosters are posted the in the courtyard of the admin bldg.
6/19/17 Anouncements: Midterm Progress Reports went home today with students.
6/15/17 Announcements: Students enrolled in EXPOS WRITING please get the book: "Into The Wild" by John Krakauer.  You can borrow from the library, download, buy, or rent.
6/1/17 Announcements: 
1. Summer School begins on Friday, June 9th from 8am-1pm daily.  Food/snacks can be purchased during recess.  Morning snacks available for practice from 7:30-8:00am.
2. Receipts will be given to students on the first day of summer school or can be picked up at admin office.
3. Class rosters will be posted in the courtyard (behind admin bldg) beginning Tuesday, June 6.
4. PE students must wear covered shoes and bring water daily.
6/1/17 UPDATE:  Algebra 2 is now CLOSED.  Wait list being taken by calling 307-4389.
5/10/17 UPDATE: All classes still open for registration.  Students will receive a receipt confirming payment and course selection. Mililani Middle School students will receive a receipt confirming payment and course selection from their core 1 teacher.  All other students will receive it on the first day of summer school.

Summer School Registration will begin on Wednesday, March 1, 2017.
Registration Process

1. Read the Registration Procedures and Summer School Information document found here.  You will be asked to agree to this information on the registration form.  Mililani Middle School (Blue, Red, and Green track) students, see this page for further instructions.
            *Summer School Dates:
                    Year Courses (24 instruction days) June 9 - July 14, 2017
                    Semester 1 Courses (12 instruction days) June 9 - June 27
                    Semester 2 Courses (12 instruction days) June 28 - July 14
            *No School on June 12 and July 4.

2.  Fill out the Registration Form found under the Navigation tab.  This link will be available on March 1, 2017. (This form includes Mililani Middle students on Yellow track).  If you would like to submit a hard copy of this form instead, please come to the Mililani High School Administration Office to pick one up.
            *Registration Dates:
                    -CURRENT Mililani High School and Mililani Middle School Yellow track students:
                                Beginning March 1, 2017
                    -Registration open to all, limited to space availability:
                                Beginning April 1, 2017

3.  Current Mililani High School students will need to verify course choices with their alpha counselor.
            *Please see the posted list of courses available for both remediation and advancement.

4.  REGISTRATION WILL NOT BE COMPLETE UNTIL PAYMENT IS RECEIVED.  CHECK OR MONEY ORDER ONLY.  Checks should be made to Mililani High Summer School.  NO CASH WILL BE ACCEPTED.  PLEASE MAKE SURE STUDENT NAME IS ON PAYMENT.  Payment should be turned in to the Mililani High School Administration Office.
            *Tuition Cost
                    Year course- $190
Semester courses: $95 PER SEMESTER ($190 for two semesters)

5. RECEIPTS: Students will receive a receipt confirming payment and course selection. Mililani Middle School students will receive a receipt confirming payment and course selection from their core 1 teacher.  

6.  Course Changes after registration
            *Students must submit written consent with a parent/guardian signature to change original course selection before June 1, 2017.
            *All course changes are subject to space availability.