Due to the support of our community, we passed a bond in 2009. Many building renovations were needed and completed.  For technology as well, in order to meet the needs of a 21st Century classroom, we required an overhaul as well.
We are proud to have accomplished the following:
  • refresh of our entire network infrastructure
  • upgraded or installed many new systems (network management, wireless, phones, cameras, door access control, etc)
  • expanded and improved our classroom technology (computers, projectors, interactive whiteboards, sound amplification systems, and document cameras) in every classroom
  • all new infrastructure includes all new fiber optics and cabling, network drops, servers, switches...basically all of the components ―behind the scenes or behind the walls that make all of our technology run effectively and dependably
Our students have access to state-of-the-art computer labs, in-class netbooks, and iPads for certain groups.


The Milan Center for Innovative Studies (MCIS) wing was to be added onto the high school. This innovative program is built upon Project Based Learning (PBL).  Milan Area Schools decided to embrace and incorporate PBL to ensure the preparation of today's students for the jobs of tomorrow.  For more information on this research-proven approach to education, click here