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Slight change in this year's Parade Route
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MHS Student Council wants your input!  Speak to a representative or use our Suggestion Box 
  • MHS Student Council meets monthly on the first Friday in A205.  
This year's Homecoming Theme is:  Around the World
Spirit Week 9/26 - 9/30
 Monday Tuesday    Wednesday Thursday Friday

(Patriotic - USA pride) 

Tacky Tourist
(visors, destination t-shirts, fanny packs)


Twin Day
(have a picture of your twin to count)
Class Colors
Freshmen: White
Sophomores: Red
Juniors: Black
Seniors: Black/Red/White
  Twitter Scavenger Hunt

For videos: upload to vine or instagram then transfer to twitter with @milanclassof(year)

@milanclassof17 @milanclassof18 @milanclassof19 @milanclassof20

All submissions due by 11:00pm on each day EXCEPT FRIDAY due by 2:15pm

  • Monday
    • Monday:  America Pride Day

      *Google coordinates, Find corresponding picture hidden somewhere in the school*

      -40.4319° N, 116.5704° E

      -A picture of a Social Studies teacher wearing red/white/blue

      -A picture of 3 people wearing camouflage

      -A picture of Someone with the American Flag

      -Video of the Pledge of Allegiance

      -Video of a student singing/playing the Star Spangled Banner

  • Tuesday    
    • Tuesday: Tacky Tourist Day
35.6586° N, 139.7454° E
*Google coordinates, Find corresponding picture hidden somewhere in the school*
- A picture of socks with sandals, bonus points  for crocs
- A picture of 2 people wearing fanny packs
- A picture of Mr. Porter wearing a Hawaiian shirt
- A selfie with the Eiffel Tower
- A video of a tourist crowd passing

Wednesday: Neon Day

-41.8902° N, 12.4922° E

*Google coordinates, Find corresponding picture hidden somewhere in the school*

- A picture of students at float building

- A picture of 5 students wearing Neon

- A picture of a teacher  wearing Neon

- A picture of 2 people wearing stripes

-A video of someone buying homecoming tickets

Just In
Saturday Oct 1, 8-11pm, MCIS. Tickets $10 - on sale 9/26-9/30 - PRESALE ONLY - 
no tickets sold at the door.

It is EARLY this year which means we will be in school for less than 3 weeks before Spirit Week begins on September 21!  Some changes to looks for:
  • All Royalty (King/Queen/Court) will be elected at Homecoming (no Coming Home Royalty)
  • 1 male and female rep for each freshmen, sophomores, and juniors (if you represented your class in prior Homecoming/Coming Home, you are not eligible to represent your class again until your senior year) 
  • 4 male and female reps from senior class

Homecoming Court 2016

Freshmen Reps

Sophomore Reps

Junior Reps

Senior Reps

Current items:
Upcoming Dates:
  • 9/6 - First Day of School
  • 9/30 Pep Assembly 8th Block
  • 9/30 LAST Day to purchase Dance tickets
  • 9/30 Parade starts 5:30pm
  • 9/30 7:00pm Game
  • 10/1 Dance