Welcome to Herr Reale's German Classes!

"Wir lernen Deutsch" means "We're learning German." That's what this webpage is designed to help you do. For information and announcements on your class, just click the appropriate tab above.

Herr Reale’s Class Schedule:

Period 2

German 3

Period 3

Period 5        

German 1

German 1

Period 6

German 2

Period 7

German 2

The best way to reach me is via email at  
I will do my best to respond within 24 hours.  You can also call the
school office at (812) 654-3096 and leave me a voicemail.

Important Class Link:

I use this for sharing homework assignments, the class calendar of tests, projects, and quizzes, and resources. Each of the five classes will have its own folder. They are titled in German:

German 1 (period 3) = 1. Jahr Deutsch (3. Stunde)

German 1 (period 5) = 1. Jahr Deutsch (5. Stunde)

German 2 (period 6) = 2. Jahr Deutsch (6. Stunde)

German 2 (period 7) = 2. Jahr Deutsch (7. Stunde)

German 3 (period 7) = 3. Jahr Deutsch (2. Stunde)

We will use this platform every day in our class so it is important that students come to school with a full charge on their device. To access the site, you just need a log-in and password. Students should share their log-in and password with their parents, since there is not a separate access control for parents.