Welcome to England!

If you would like to have a tour guide,
Look no further than a “Blue Badge Tourist Guide”.
There are only a few qualified Japanese Tourist Guides in UK.
All of us have trained, and then passed the most difficult and searching examinations in the travel industry.
It is the most prestigious qualification in the world.
We all wear The Blue Badge with pride. I am looking forward to seeing you!

Miki Bartley

Blue Badge Tourist Guides are;

Professional Blue Badge Tourist Guides began to be trained in London after World War II in response to a demand for visitors wanting bomb site tours. Needless to say, the range of what we show people and the kind of work we do has increased somewhat since then!

Undoubtedly, some of the work that we get asked to do around the country is traditional tourist guiding e.g. city tours by coach, guiding around cathedrals, castles and other heritage sites. There is also firm support for walking tours, not only from visitors but also locals.

Prestigious museums and sites of national interest will only use Blue Badge tourist guides for their visitors e.g. London Blue Badge guides do the highlights tours for the British Museum and Parliament summer opening.

Blue Badge tourist guides are frequently used by Destination Management Companies or DMCs to work with their corporate clients on large programmes. Sometimes this work will involve guiding excursions, but often it requires guides to take on the role of a knowledgeable local friend.

All Blue Badge Tourist Guides are self-employed and can be contacted directly through: