Welcome to my Geeky Grandma website with a built-in blog.

I'm a retired Community College teacher, a busy volunteer, writer, grandma, and webmaster, managing four websites, including this one:

www.ruthsuckow.org -- celebrating Iowa writer Ruth Suckow, our first feminist writer

www.cfauthorsfestival.org-- a literary festival, 2017-2018, honoring our five nationally known best selling writers with ties to Cedar Falls (Ruth Suckow, Bess Streeter Aldrich, Poet James Hearst, Robert James Waller & Nancy Price)

www.lwvbhb.org -- the website for the League of Women Voters of Black Hawk/Bremer Counties.

I also started a blog on blogger, designed to help new bloggers.


Coming February of 2021, The Sower and the Seer: Perspectives on the Intellectual History of the American Midwest. a book about the Intellectual History of the Midwest. (Wisconsin Historical Society Press, forthcoming)

This is a collection of essays. My chapter focuses on the city of Cedar Falls, Iowa.

"Mind & Soil: An Iowa Town that Grows Writers."

We Are Our Mothers' Daughters: 9 Women Who Made a Difference, Volume 1

Book News

I wrote an essay about my mother: "To Really Know Yourself, You Must Know Where you Came From and Who Your Forefathers and Mothers were." It is one of nine essays about mothers for volume 1 of We are Our Mothers' Daughters: 9 Women who Made a Difference.

The cost of the book is $10.00. It's available from Amazon at the create space URL below.

Paperback: 162 pages

Publisher: Last Lap Press, Oct. 4, 2016


ISBN-10: 1539376559

ISBN-13: 978-1539376552


Please order your book here!

The Midwestern Moment

I've written a chapter about Ruth Suckow for a book that came out June 1, 2017. The book is titled The Midwestern Moment, and it is a collection of essays about Midwestern Writers and Regionalism. It is NOW available on Amazon!

Opening the box!

The front Cover. Jon Lauck is the editor.

The back cover lists the names of the contributors.

The book is available on Amazon for $24.99. Midwestern Moment

My Chapter, "The Realistic Regionalism of Iowa’s Ruth Suckow," focuses on Suckow's life and work and argues that she is worth remembering for her remarkable story telling ability, her realistic portrayal of characters, especially women, and for her contribution to the regionalism debate. While she resisted being labeled, she certainly fits into realism and regionalism.

suckow 1931

Ruth Suckow, 1931

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Welcome to the Geeky Grandma website!

When I took early retirement to write, I had NO idea that I was about to become a webmaster for two more websites, and get involved in volunteering with the League of Women Voters. However, I love retirement.

Cherie Dargan, Black Hills
Black hands sculpture holding iPhone

I'm Cherie--a geek and a grandma who loves to write and play with technology.

One of my favorite geeky gifts from my husband, and fellow geek, Mike. It's a pair of hands that holds my old iPhone (now used as a mini tablet).

I've been writing all of my life: my mother saved one of my first stories about a mother pig who rolls over and squashes her baby. She buries it, but the wise farmer realizes that the baby pig is still alive and digs it out and returns it to the mother. The story is written in pencil, with several glaring spelling errors, typical of six-year-olds; however, my mother thought it was worth saving. My early efforts reveal my fascination with writing, as well as my penchant for creating stories with tragedy, miracles, and happy endings.

Throughout my life, I've loved reading, telling and writing stories: growing up, if I wasn't writing a story, I was reading one and daydreaming about writing in between those two activities! However, I don't think even my wild imagination as a child could have seen me using a PC, smartphone or iPad to record my thoughts, write a column, and work on my website and blog. As a Community College teacher, I've taught a variety of classes using technology for the past 25 years and discovered that various technology tools enhance creativity and make it easier to collaborate, share, and archive writing. Besides that, it's fun, as my two grandsons remind me every time they get their hands on my old iPhone (loaded with Educational games and Apps) or iPad.

This website will explore the intersection between the act of writing and using technology such as social media, web tools, and mobile devices and apps. It is both a writer's blog and a place to gather resources to help other writers. I've been writing a Technology Column for almost 3 years and have included those archives as well. For that reason, I decided not to go with a typical blog: I hope you will find something useful here. If you do, please let me know. If you have a technology question, please contact me using the email on my contact page.

Please note that the Subscribe button does not work on Google's Chrome Browser but does work on Internet Explorer and Firefox!

This site has been saved as a template and then copied to a new Google Sites account, giving me additional space.

Last Updated October 4, 2020