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Related Aid Organizations

Friends of Kitui - A very active charity based out of Ireland and dedicated to helping the needy children in the Province of Kitui, Eastern Kenya.


Adventure Africa - managed by Dickson Wambugu
If you want to visit Kenya, Dickson and his staff are friendly, reliable, knowledgeable and inexpensive.

Holey Soles - “the original, Canadian manufacturer of the most comfortable, practical and inexpensive footwear ever....... “    Jim Senka

Outdoor Essentials - THE place to buy outdoor gear and hunting supplies in Smithers.  Owned and operated by Seighard Weitzel.

Summits of Canada - a learning project about Canada, our Environment, our health and most of all, about the highest points of each of our Provinces and Territories.

Summits of Canada is heading an expedition to Kenya including a climb of Mt. Kilimanjaro and a tour of Masai Mara Wildlife Preserve.  Some of the proceeds will go to Child Focus Africa.

Photos of Africa
 Some great pix to peruse if you're planning to visit Africa.