Some Thank you Notes from Migwani

October 3, 2012

Hi Jim,
Again there is no word to express my gratitude to you and all you do for our,we are truly happy in our heart.  I am also glad our meeting in Marble Arch Hotel was Godly planned, thank you also for having such a big heart for Africa and the kids in general.Through you I have met great people from Canada like Len and Kent who is coming along with the team.May you feel appreciated from our end.
Am also thankful that am able to be part of what you are doing for Migwani Jim,you must remain blessed at all time.

Thanks in advance 
Dickson Wambugu


April 28, 2012

To the kind folks who have supported Child Focus Africa (CFA) projects in Migwani, Kenya

 I write to thank you with all my heart for the home for 74 ostracized Special Needs children in Kenya that we built together. 

Today in the middle of Migwani town, JIM SENKA HOUSE  which accommodates 

over 90 disadvantaged children proudly stands as a reminder and a symbol of the 

remarkable human spirit of giving that knows no boundaries.

 The dormitory was an extremely successful project. A list of the names of the major sponsors is visibly inscribed on a plaque in the dormitory and of course, in our hearts and minds. You have made a mark in the history of Migwani and have been part of the wheels of change that have swept this community.   Today, the dormitory represents not only a home and refuge for the ostracized and under-privileged, but a turning point in the practice of customs of the Kamba people in Migwani that once pointed fingers to these children. Through this successful project, the Government of Kenya has recognized the needs of these children and devoted some funds to support the Special Needs Unit in a bid to match the humanitarian gesture that emanated from a continent away.   Though the unit will always lack in funding, the change in mindset is a victory we will cherish forever.

 Since the completion of the Dormitory, CFA has continued to support these on-going and related projects in Migwani and if you are interested in helping us further, you can read more about them at Current CFA Projects  on this site:

 CFA is grateful for the support and believe that your generosity will go along way. I look forward to sharing more on our work and hopefully meeting you all one day to express my personal thanks.

 I thank you and God bless you abundantly!

 Paul Kenya


Child Focus Africa, Kenya

Below are some emails from Kenya  - mostly thank you notes from Madam Ester Kasina – the teacher who has done so much to help the dormitory children.  Kasina has been a key link in the chain of care.  (Pleas bear in mind that English is her third language after Swahili and Kamba)

Dear Kay,
I hope you are very fine as you read this mail. We are doing quite well. The children closed school for a short while (3wks). Your best friend Juliana was all smiles  as she went home with her package. I hope I will be able to send you some pictures when they open. Thanx kay. U have made us in Migwani face tomorrow with confidence. May God bless you big


Dear Kay.
Greetings from Migwani. I hope that this mail finds you well. We are very fine. The children are doing fine. Your best friend Juliana is alright and very Jolly as usual. Now kay dear, this mail is just to appreciate your donation towards Juliana and the special needs unit.  Am planning to buy a present for her, and some small plastic fixing blocks. These will improve her finger dexterity and improve her fine motor muscles whic will assist in writing.the present will include a dress,a small ball and a pair of shoes.  Some money will go to the school fees and if it remains it will assist in the unit as u had suggested. I hope i will be able to send you some pictures when i purchase those items. Am looking for a digital camera. Cheers kay till next time. Ester Kasina

Nov 21/11
Jambo Jim,
Am so grateful for the support you have continually given me. In fact I lack words to express my feelings. I feel like saying 'thank you' is not enough.
May God bless you in a mighty way Jim together with Judy.
I feel great to be your friend.
Esther Kasina


Feb 19/11
Dear Jim and Judy, I hope this mail finds you okay. Am just so grateful. I have just received the laptop from Dennis strain. It’s so beautiful. He has given some instruction on how to use it and I believe it’s going to be of great benefit to me. The beddings and the sewing machines also came. You should have seen how happy the kids were. Jim, we are so happy for you and we pray that God gives you and Judy long life. I pray that one day I shall also visit you in Canada.    Byebye for now.


Dear Jim,
Am so grateful. Sara Jane finally arrived in Migwani and we were all very happy. The children were particularly very happy.
Am very happy for the camera. I pray that I will be able to make proper use of it. All the children have not yet reported from the holiday and now that I have the camera and laptop, I will take pictures and send direct. Thanx so much.  Say hey to Judy.


Jan 14/11
Dear Len,
I hope you are enjoying the new year.  I am actually so grateful for everything. Your good words give me the spirit to move on. Am so glad that there are people like you and the others who really care. The children here are so happy with the gifts especially with the shoes and clothes. They keep praying for you and Jim. Thank you very much for the thoughts and ideas you have about us. We wil do our best. About the items that children make, we have a few items coz we do not have materials to make many. The question is how do we get them there? I wil be sending you an email of the needs we have. We sat down with the committe and came up with immediate needs and the long term needs. I will give all the details by
monday 24. May the Lord  bless you in a mighty way. Receive greetings from Migwani. Esther Kasina.

NOV. 11/10
Dear Jim, I do not have enough words to thank you.  You have been so kind and concerned. Thanx so much. Its true we should wait til sunday and see what there is so that we can know what to purchase. May God bless you abundantly. Esther


Oct. 15/10
Halo Jim, thanx so much. I feel loved. I thank God for you. At least there’s someone to appreciate my efforts. Thanks once more. I also long to meet Len and the rest. I have arranged to have some of the children in school. Am sure they wil be happy to meet the kids. Pass my sincere love to Judy. I miss you people. You are great!
                                       Madam Ester Kasina and her husband Kasina Kithonga in Migwani.
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