Staff Profile - Mr Purdasseea

School of Mathematics 

           Mr Purdasseea Sooryadev 

              Area(s) of specialisation: 

    •   Transition from primary to secondary
    •   Student engagement in Mathematics

              Responsibilities :

     Departmental resource person for:
    •  Post Graduate Certificate in Education (PT) Mauritius and Rodrigues  Bachelor in Education (Primary)

    •  School website

    • Diploma in Educational Supervision and Inspection

    •  Teacher’s Diploma Primary (Holistic Education Programme)

    • Teacher’s Diploma Primary FT

             Research interest(s):
    •  Transition from Primary to Secondary School

    •  Bar Modelling

    • Teaching and Learning of Mathematics at Primary and Secondary Levels

    •  Lesson /Learning Study

    •  Student Engagement

  • Author: (i) A level Statistic Book

    Chapter author: Conceptual Mathematics Form II and Form III


    1. Hurchand, H. Bholoa, A. & Purdasseea, S. (2013) In-service Mauritian teachers’ readiness to teach for the attainment of creativity in secondary school Mathematics, Special Edition, MIE Journal, Vol. 7 No. 2.

    2. Bholoa, A., Ramkalawon, L. & Purdasseea, S. (2014) Readiness, awareness and expectations of teaching and learning mathematics using Tablet PC in secondary schools in Mauritius, Journal of Education, Mauritius Institute of Education, Vol. 8, No. 1, 2014

    3. Ramful, A., Purdasseea, S. et al (2014) Prevocational students’ proficiency in basic numeracy: Results from a preliminary study, MIE Journal, Vol. 8 No. 1.

    4. Purdasseea, S. (2002) A level Statistics, Edition Les Printemps Publication

    5. Hurchand, H., Purdasseea S. et al (2011) Conceptual Mathematics Form II

    6. Bholoa A., Purdasseea S. et al (2014) Conceptual Mathematics Form III

    News paper article:

    Le Mauricien : BAR MODELING: A visual approach to solving word problems Oct 2016

    News/ events: Implementation of Lesson/learning study at Bon Accueil State College.

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