Staff profile - Dr Bholoa

School of Mathematics 

               Dr Bholoa Ajeevsing

                  Area(s) of specialisation: 

    •   Mathematic Education
              Responsibilities :
    • Senior Lecturer (Ph.D., Loughborough University)

      Currently, I am also the Programme Coordinator for B.Ed (Secondary), Turnitin Coodinator, ISO 9001:2015 Coordinator, Panel Coordinator for Grade 5 Mathematics and a member of the Research Unit.

             Research interest(s):
    • Mathematics education, statistical analysis of educational data, integration of technology in mathematics instruction, teacher professional development, mathematics curriculum studies and resource development.
    • Projects
Over the recent years, I has been involved in several important research projects funded and/or supported by various bodies such as the Tertiary Education Commission, the Mauritius Research Council, the World Bank and the Mauritius Institute of Education. The grant of the various projects amount to about Rs 7.5 million and the projects include:

1. (2011 - 2014) Using research findings (local and international) to improve the teaching and learning of physics at secondary level using technology.
2. (2016 - 2017) Addressing underachievement in Mathematics at Form lll level through a community of practice approach.
3. (2016 - 2018) Exploring the content knowledge and pedagogical content knowledge of pre-service PGCE trainees towards a research-based teacher education model.
4. (2016 – 2018) Students’ & graduates’ difficulties in science, technology, engineering and mathematics during transitions from secondary to tertiary levels, and to teacher training.
5. (2016 – 2018) School violence and indiscipline in Primary Schools: A case for creating safer schools in Mauritius through an intervention programme.
6. (2017 – 2018) World Bank Project: Mathematics and Science for Sub-Saharan Africa
7. (2018 – 2019) Development of web-based resources for secondary levelmathematics
8. (2018 – 2020) Teaching and learning science (biology, chemistry and physics) within an integrated mode, mediated by the pedagogical technological integrated medium (PTIM) at grade 9.
  • Publications

1. Bholoa, A., Kenny, S.D., and Smith, R., 2007. A new approach to potential ftting using neural networks. Nuclear instruments and methods in physics research section B: Beam interactions with materials and atoms, 255 (1), pp. 1-7 [doi:10.1016/j.nimb.2006.11.040]
2. Sanville, E., Bholoa, A., Smith, R., and Kenny, S. D. (2008). Silicon potentials investigated using density functional theory fitted neural networks, Journal of Physics:Condensed Matter, 20 (28) 285219.
3. Hurchand, H., Bholoa, A., and Bundhoo, V. (2011). The O-level Mathematics Syllabus A: A better alternative for students in Mauritius? Journal of Education (MIE), 6(2), 36 – 52.
4. Ramma, Y., Bholoa, A., Bessoondyal, H., and Thapermall-Ramasawmy, S. (2013). Integration of Physics and Mathematics Concepts: The Thinking Process Model,Mauritius Institute of Education.
5. Bholoa, A., Ramkalawon, L., and Hurchand, H. (2013). An analysis of Problematic Areas in Mathematics at the O-level in Mauritius: focus on examination content. Journal of Education (MIE), 7(2), 21 – 64.
6. Hurchand, H., and Bholoa, A. (2013). Certificate of Primary Examinations: A novel perspective on the pass rate. Journal of Education (MIE), 7(2), 65 – 82.
7. Hurchand, H., Bholoa, A., and Purdasseea, H. (2013). In-service Mauritian teacher’s readiness to teach for the attainment of creativity in secondary school Mathematics. Journal of Education (MIE), 7(2), 83 – 98.
8. Ramma, Y., Bholoa, A., Watts M., and Ramasawmy, J. (2014). Pre-and in-service physics teachers’ content and pedagogical content knowledge: Implications and Challenges. American International Journal of Research in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, 8(1), 30-34.
9. Bholoa, A., Ramkalawon, L., and Purdasseea, S. (2014). Readiness, awareness and expectations of teachers and students in using Tablet PC in in Mathematics classrooms. Journal of Education (MIE), 8(1), 7-30.
10. Ramful, A., Bholoa, A., Hurchand, H., Bessoondyal, H., Nenduradu, R., Thapermall, S., Angateeah, K. S., Purdasseea, S., and Bhobooty, B. (2014). Prevocational students’ proficiency in basic numeracy: Results from a preliminary study. Journal of Education (MIE), 8(1), 102-117.
11. Ramkalawon, L., and Bholoa, A. (2014). Exploring usefulness of video-based instruction as a pedagogical tool in learning of Mathematics. International Journal of Emerging Technologies in Computational and Applied Sciences, 10(3), 245 – 249.
12. Ramkalawon, L. and Bholoa, A. (2016). Using tablet PC in the teaching and learning of secondary mathematics: A case of a girl's class in Mauritius, 2016 SAI Computing Conference (SAI), London, 2016, pp. 850-857.
13. Ramma, Y., Bholoa, A., Watts, M., and Nadal P. S. (2017). Teaching and learning of physics using technology: Making a case for the affective domain. Education Inquiry, 1- 27.
14. Ramma, Y., and Bholoa, A. (2018). A critical evaluation of a Teacher Professional Development model –A case study of a physics pre-service teacher. In S. Ladage & S.Narvekar (Eds.),Proceedings of epiSTEME 7, p. 285-293. India: Cinnamon Teal.
15. Bholoa, A., Ramful, A., Thapermal-Ramasawmy, S. and Salehemohamed, A., (2018in press). Understanding underachievement in mathematics: Perspectives from the inter-relationship among students, teachers and rector. Journal of Education (MIE).
  • Authored books

1. H. Hurchand, K. Angateeah, A. Bholoa, R. Nednuradu and S. Purdasseea. (2013). Conceptual Mathematics Form II; Editions de l’Ocean Indien; Mauritius. ISBN: 978-999903-0-674-3
2. A. Bholoa, S. Purdasseea, S. Thapermal, K. Angateeah and R. Nenduradu. (2014). Conceptual Mathematics Form III; Editions de l’Ocean Indien; Mauritius; ISBN: 978-99903-0-708-5
Chapters in edited books
1. Bholoa A., Walshe G., and Ramma Y. (2017). Curriculum Implications of the Integration of Mathematics into Science. In: Taber K. S., Akpan B. (Eds) Science Education. New Directions in Mathematics and Science Education. Sense Publishers, Rotterdam. 6300-749- 8_16
2. Ramma Y., Bholoa A., and Oogarah-Pratap B. (2017). Research Perspectives and Skills for Science Education. In: Taber K. S., Akpan B. (Eds) Science Education. New Directions in Mathematics and Science Education. Sense Publishers, Rotterdam. 6300-749- 8_39
3. Oogarah-Pratap, B., Bholoa, A., and Ramma (2018 - in press). Stage Theory of Cognitive Development – Jean Piaget (Chapter 11). In Akpan B., Kennedy, T. (Eds) Science Education in Theory and Practice. Springer, Rotterdam.
4. Oozeerally, S., Ramma, Y., and Bholoa, A. (2018 - in press). Multiliteracies – New London Group (Chapter 25). In Akpan B., Kennedy, T. (Eds) Science Education in Theory and Practice. Springer, Rotterdam.
5. Ramma, Y., Bholoa, A., and Watts, M. (2018 - in press). Guided Discovery – Robert Gagné (Chapter 15). In Akpan B., Kennedy, T. (Eds) Science Education in Theory and Practice. Springer, Rotterdam.
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