Staff Profile - Dr Bholah

School of Science

           Dr Bholah Ravhee

              Area(s) of specialisation: 

    •   Biology/Science Education, Environmental Health and Epidemiology
              Responsibilities :
    • Overall MIE Coordinator

      PGCE Full Time Coordinator 

       Sexuality Education Coordinator

      Science Course Coordinator

      PGCE PT (Science),Educator's License (Science)

      Subject Coordinator

      1.     EL Biology

      2.     B.Ed Biology

      3.     PGCE FT Biology

      4.     PGCE PT Biology (MRU & Rod)

    • Quality Audit Resource Person

    • Education for Sustainable Development Coordinator

             Research interest(s):
    • Science/Biology Education, Health Education
    • Sexuality Education, ESD (e.g climate Change, gender, HIV and AIDS)