Staff Profile - Dr Angateeah

School of Mathematics 

               Dr Khemdutt Angateeah

                  Area(s) of specialisation: 

    •   Mathematic Education
              Responsibilities :
    •  Departmental resource person for: 
      (i) Post Graduate Certificate in Education FT;
      (ii) Bachelor in Education FT;
      (iii) Teacher's Diploma in Primary PT;
      (iv) Mathematics Panel Grade 4.

             Research interest(s):
    • Problem Solving
    • Word Problems
    • Use of ICT in the Teaching and Learning of Mathematics 
    • Teaching of Mathematics at Primary and Secondary Level
    • Quantitative Analysis
    • Structural Equation Modeling 


Teaching of Mathematics using Dynamic software (GeoGebra)




Angateeah, K.S., Thapermall, S. and Jawahir, R.  (2018). Investigating the benefits and drawbacks of an interactive ICT tools and its implications on teaching and learning of A-level vectors. Paper accepted for publication in the Mauritius Institute of Education Journal – Special issue (2018).

Angateeah, K.S. (2017). The impact of natural language on performance in word problems at lower secondary. Proceedings of the Australian Association of Mathematics Teachers (AAMT) 2017 Conference, Canberra, Australia, p. 52-63.

Angateeah, K.S., Thapermall, S. and Jawahir, R.  (2017). Developing interactive ICT tools for the teaching and learning of Vectors at A level. In A. Downton, S. Livy, & J. Hall (Eds.), 40 years on: We are still learning! Proceedings of the 40th Annual Conference of the Mathematics Education Research Group of Australasia (pp. 85–92). Melbourne, Australia: MERGA.

Angateeah, K.S. (2017). An investigation of students’ difficulties in solving non-routine word problem at lower secondary, International Journal of Learning and Teaching, 3(1), 46-50.     

Angateeah, K.S., Sukon, K.S. and Nunkoo-Gonpot, P. (2014). A Measure of the Influence of Affective Variables on Mathematics Performance at Lower Secondary. Athens: ATINER'S Conference Paper Series, No: EMS2014-1191.

Ramful, A., Bholoa, A., Hurchand, H., Bessoondyal, H., Nenduradu, R., Thapermall, S., Angateeah, K. S., Purdasseea, S., & Bhobooty, B. (2014). Prevocational students’ proficiency in basic numeracy: Results from a preliminary study. Journal of Education (MIE), 8(1), 102-117.

Angateeah, K.S., Gonpot, P., and Sukon, K.S. (2014).  Mathematics Achievement: Impact of Affective Variables and Socio-Economic Status. 2014 International Conference on Advanced Education and Management (ICAEM2014), p. 157-162. ISBN: 978-1-60595-153-9.

Angateeah, K.S., Hurchand, H., Sukon, K.S. and Nunkoo-Gonpot, P. (2013). A Comparison of the Impact of Natural Language and Manipulatives on Students’ Performance on Word Problems. Athens: ATINER'S Conference Paper Series, No: MAT2013-0815.

Angateeah, K.S., Sukon, K.S. and Gonpot, P. (2013). The influence of teacher variables on mathematics performance at Form II level in Mauritius. Journal of Education, Mauritius, 7 (2), 119-145.


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