Midwest Leather Weekend October 5, 6 and 7, 2018

The annual Midwest Leather Weekend will take place the first weekend of October at JJ’s Clubhouse, St Louis, Missouri. The highlight of the weekend is the combination Mr Midwest Leather Contest and Midwest Puppy Contest, held Saturday night, October 6. 

But the Weekend is more than just the two contests. There’s social events Friday, Saturday and Sunday, open to all members of the kink community – experienced or beginning. 

The Kink Seminars will be held again on Saturday afternoon, October 6, and are open to the public, free admission. Leading experts in their fields will offer classes on selected Kink topics, often with demonstrations and hands-on practicing. People have traveled from neighboring states in the past to attend the seminars. It’s a great opportunity to learn as well as meet people.

Noted Leather Artist Jerry Miller will be presenting his work Saturday night with the help of his handpicked models.

There will be the traditional Judges Dinner Friday night; details to come. And Sunday afternoon brunch; also details to come.

The Midwest Leather Weekend is a great opportunity to enjoy events, socialize, meet old friends and make new friends. See you in October!

Midwest Puppy Contest

Produced by Christopher "Papa Woof Roth, Tron "Puppy Boo" Carner and Midwest Puppy Events, this event is licensed under the auspices of the International Puppy Contest. The event will feature men who enjoy puppy play and the Alphas who train them. The contest is open to puppies from the thirteen Midwest States. 

Visit the website for details. To be a contestant in the 2018 Midwest Puppy Contest, go here to apply.

Mr Midwest Leather Contest!  

Produced by Charlie Schoenherr and Mike Prater, this Leather title covers thirteen Midwest States.
Visit the website for details. To be a contestant in the 2018 Mr Midwest Leather Contest, go here to apply.