Midwest Leather Weekend 2016 poster

Midwest Leather Weekend September 30-October 2, 2016!

The Midwest Leather Weekend returns for another great year! Join us at JJ's Clubhouse in St. Louis, Missouri, on the weekend of September 30, October 1 and October 2, 2016 for exciting Leather and Puppy Contests, Kink U by Titans of the Midwest, Leather by Jerry Miller onstage, Music, Events and more. Join the Leather Men and Women from around the country as they converge on St. Louis for this annual celebration of all things Leather and Puppy. 

Congratulations Adam Henderson, Mr Midwest Leather 2015

Congratulations to Adam Henderson of Chicago, the new Mr Midwest Leather 2015. Our congratulations to First Runner Up, Sir Crisco, of Columbia, Missouri, Second Runner Up Alonzo Gault of St Louis, Missouri, Third Runner Up Steve Bell of Chicago, Illinois. The Producers of the Mr Midwest Leather Contest say they are all winners in our eyes; unfortunately the title can only go to one. We appreciate the participation and hard work of all our contestants.

Thank you to the great crowd that came this year. We hope everyone had a good time and thank you for your support. We will be posting photos as soon as they are available.

Midwest Puppy Contest

Produced by Christopher "Papa Woof Roth, Tron "Puppy Boo" Carner and Midwest Puppy Events, this event is licensed under the auspices of the International Puppy Contest. The event will feature men who enjoy puppy play and the Alphas who train them. The contest is open to puppies from the thirteen Midwest States.
Visit the website for details. To be a contestant in the 2016 Midwest Puppy Contest, go here to apply.

Mr Midwest Leather Contest!  

Produced by Charlie Schoenherr and Mike Prater, this Leather title covers thirteen Midwest States.
Visit the website for details. To be a contestant in the 2016 Mr Midwest Leather Contest, go here to apply.