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 Telecommunications Contractor


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Benefits and perks

* 401K plus match and profit sharing

* Production pay with a base salary

* Affordable medical & dental

* Hiring and referral bonus

* Training and certification

* Paid holidays and PTO

* MCI apparel


* General laborer
* Coax Splicers
* Tower Tech
* Lineman

What are others saying?


“The pay works off of production so the more you get done the better you get paid. There is some travel involved from time to time but I still get plenty of time to spend with the family”

      “I came in with zero experience and my first day I climbed two 250' cell towers with ease      



Midwest provided me with a comprehensive training course that taught me everything I needed to know when it came to doing my job safely and correctly"

"Compensation is based on how much of a man you are. Luckily for me, my momma didn't raise a slouch and MCI has compensated me very well. I own my own everything thanks to my blood sweat and tears."

"Walking through the front door isn’t just another day at work it’s another day with “family” which is one of many benefits of a smaller company."

"Coming from someone that has worked in the tower industry for several years I can honestly say it’s been an absolute honor to be part of this team. "

"If you are looking to work for a growing company that values their employees and provides top quality work - our door is always open!"

"Safety is our top priority; we are devoted to protect ourselves, our employees, and our community. We offer the tools, training, and equipment for employee’s to be successful within their career."

"So far I would have to say the time I've spent at Midwest has been some of the most positive years at any job so far."