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This series is hosted by former Judge LaDoris Cordell, CBS 5 legal analyst.

The program explores the dynamics that underpin the crimes and hamper closure of the cases, as well as ways to address those forces.

Throughout the program, the Police Department provides its anonymous murder tip line (1-888-Murder-0 or 1-888-687-3370).

The East Palo Alto Police Department's Most Wanted are highlighted between segments of the program.

Make the Call is a joint production of the East Palo Alto Police Department and the Midpeninsula Community Media Center.

Episode 6
April, 2013

1000 Mothers
to Prevent

Episode 5
November, 2011

East Palo Alto 

Town Hall

Episode 4
June, 2010

East Palo Alto Youth Court

Episode 3
November, 2009

The East Palo Alto Faith Community

Episode 2
March, 2009

East Palo Alto's Live in Peace Movement

        Episode  1
        July, 2008

Slain Community
David Lewis 
on the