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Taken By the Tide / There Is No Such Thing as an Atheist in a Foxhole

Bad News Records

Review by Jason Guest

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Like Alex’s subjection to the Ludovico treatment in Clockwork Orange, Taken By The Tide strap us down and force us to gaze upon the state of the world today and get angry about it with their EP, ‘There Is No Such Thing as an Atheist in a Foxhole’. Opening with Howard Beale’s infamous tirade from 1976’s satire ‘Network’, the mood is set: very fucking pissed off.

‘Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea’ delivers the first of many blows, and the wounds are torn open with serious riffage and twisted razor-sharp lines that bleed through into ‘The Circling’. John’s throat-tearing grunts merge with the band’s technical death/hardcore sound into a clenched fist that remorselessly pummels the listener into submission. ‘She Looks Like A Dead Heat In A Zeppelin Race’ opens with Alan Rickman’s misquotation of Plutarch’s ‘Life of Alexander’ from Die Hard. This lamenting of a distinct absence of warriors befits the world that TBTT wants us to get mad at. ‘…And The Sharks Took The Rest’ that closes the EP is a battery from start to finish, the finishing riffs kicking the twitching and stunned casualty to within an inch of its life to savour its final breath. Run, Forrest. Run!

As it sits complacently in the waiting room of life being spoon-fed subjection that perpetuates its numb existence, blissfully ignorant of its exploitation and authority-approved indifference, TBTT are the Socratic gadfly that ceaselessly sting the dim-witted horse and goad it into admitting its responsibility for the produce of its apathy. If you’re not pissed off about the absurd machinations of the ideological state apparatus that ruthlessly fix us in position and perpetually fuck us over, you will be after swallowing this.

Taken By the Tide are:
John Eley – Vocals
Martin Clarke – Guitar
Andrew Workmen – Bass
Eric Revill – Guitar
Ross Alexander – Drums

(Bass on this recording was played by Nick Crowe)

8 out of 10

Standout tracks: All of ‘em!

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