Stadium Project Update

posted Sep 3, 2010, 10:44 AM by Korby Olson

On July 29th we issued a notice of intent to terminate the contract with Steel Stadiums for cause.  Steel Stadiums had seven days to respond.  They did not respond so on August 6th we sent a final termination notice to Steel Stadiums and the surety bond.  The Surety, CAN did respond within the five-day time frame indicating that they will be working with us to employ a completion contractor.  We have had ongoing discussions with the surety, but it became clear that the bleacher portion of the project would not be completed during this football season.  With that, we will be installing temporary bleachers to accomodate our football fans.

The rest of the project is progressing, but will not be fully complete for the first home game.  The concession stand will be ready with only some painting to be completed.  It will be fully functional to serve food.  The restrooms will not be ready for the first home game on September 10th, but they should be completed for the second game on October 1st.