Welcome to 8th grade Science

This school year we will build on the fundamentals you learned in 6th and 7th grades in physics, chemistry and biology.  There will be a big emphasis on preparing for the Science portion of the NJASK test in the spring.
In order to succeed in science class you must adhere to a few simple rules:
Do Your Best and Come prepared.
Homework is an essential part of your learning.  Make a promise to yourself, right now, to put your best effort into completing the homework assignments.  If you are absent, you are still responsible for the classwork and homework assignments.  Check this site and the Parent Portal to keep your work current.

Assignments will appear here but do not do them until you have received instructions from me or Mrs. Clark.


Activities for the 1st Marking Period:

Lab Safety Rules Contract due on or before 9/11.

In order to participate in hands-on activities this form must be signed by you and a parent/guardian and returned to me.


 You will take one lab safety rule and present it in a video as a TV news reporter.  Your news caster report will be on the disaster that occurred when the rule was not followed.

For example the lab rules stated that there must be ethical handling of animals.  Your report could be about the arrest of a lab technician that was accused of not feeding monkeys the correct type of food.

In order to complete this assignment you need to research:

·         How long a newscast lasts

·         When to say your name

·         When to give the call letters for the TV station

Make sure that your video is accessible so that you can share it with the class on 

A Day 9/15

B Day 9/16

Earth Science

Follow the link and read the page  "What is earth science?"

In class list the branches of earth science and write a description of each one.
For HW watch the video "Why Earth Science" and answer the 6 questions.