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Set up a Meeting

Zoom for a small meeting with screensharing

1.  Open your browser, and go to go/zoom

2.  Click "Sign In" at the top right, then use your Middlebury log-in information to access.

3.  Select "Host a Meeting", and "With Video Off".  It is easy to turn on video later if you need it.

4.  If this is your first time using Zoom, you will need to install the application:
a) Download the installer file, which should prompt when you select "Host a Meeting".
b) Run the installer file and install Zoom.  Use the default settings.

5.  Select "Share Screen" to share your screen.  A pop-up window will let you choose to share specific applications only, or the default, which is whatever application is showing on your screen:

6.  Use the "Invite" button to quickly/easily invite other people to the meeting.

7.  The "Record" button on the toolbar lets you record.  When you end the meeting, you will have options to save the file to your computer, or to a cloud service, where it is can be retrieved for up to 30 days.

8.  The Chat feature can be very useful if someone in the meeting is having issues with their audio control.