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Maple Zoom

**Be sure to keep the iPad in Maple plugged-in and charging!**


Phone: (646) 558-8656 or (408) 638-0968, meeting ID 802-443-2962

To use Zoom in Maple

1.  Send your meeting invitation to the people with whom you are meeting.   To your invitation, add the Maple Zoom Room meeting link for video conferences:

2.  On the button panel, select "On" to turn on the TV, and "Codec" to select Zoom.

and/or for calls only (any conference call) use:  (646) 558 8656 or 408 638 0968, meeting ID 802-443-2962

3.  Tap the round "home"  button on the iPad to wake it up, and wait for the screen to come to life.

4.  Click the green "Meet Now" button.  This will automatically place you into the default Maple Zoom Room meeting.  Others attending from MIIS or elsewhere will just need to click the link or call the number sent to them and they will appear onscreen.

5.  At the end of the meeting, click the red button that says end meeting and turn the TV off from the control box.

To Invite Someone to a Meeting:

1.  Send an Outlook invitation or e-mail with the Zoom meeting information.  

You can also send the invitation through the iPad, but the person must have Zoom launched on their computer, and be logged-in:

1.  Select "Meet Now" on the iPad

2.  Find the person's name in the list, and select them.

3.  Click "Meet Now".  They will receive an invitation with the link and call-in details.

To Invite Someone to a Meeting who does not have Zoom installed:

1.  Send the person the Meeting ID for the Maple room (802-443-2962), and this link:


2.  They will need to enter the Meeting ID, and then Zoom will launch for them.

3.  If the person is calling-in to the meeting, send them the same Meeting ID, and instruct them to call that number.

To Join an Existing Meeting:

1. Select "Join" from the left-navigation on the iPad

2.  Enter the Zoom meeting ID.

3.  To join your own Zoom room, use your personal Zoom ID.

To Share your Screen while in a Zoom Meeting:

1. When in a meeting, click the green "Share Screen" button and follow the on-screen instructions.

To Present in Maple with NO Zoom Meeting:

1.  Select "Presentation" from the left-navigation on the iPad

2.  Select "Share Laptop" 

When you are done with your meeting:

1.  Close the Zoom application on the iPad, and make sure it is plugged-in.

2.  Turn off the TV from the small console by pressing "Off".