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Set up your Account

1. Visit go/zoom, and click "Sign In" at the top right.  Use your Middlebury credentials to access.  

2.  Click on "Profile" in the left-navigation

3.  Click "Edit" in the "Personal Meeting ID" area.

4.  Add your telephone number, and make sure that check the box that says "Use Personal Meeting ID for instant meetings" is checked.  Click "Save Changes".

5.   Click "customize" in the "Personal Link" area.

6.  Add a personal link of your choosing.  Click "Save Changes"

7.  Click on "Meeting Settings", then on the "Personal Meeting" tab.

8.  Select "Enable Join Before Host", which allows users to arrive at your meeting before you.  

9.  Browse through the other Zoom options available in the different settings screens, and select options as you wish.

10.  Go to go/ and create a go/ link to your personal meeting room, to make it easier for you and others to access quickly.

You can find additional information on the LIS help documentation pages here: